May 31, 2023

You're Breakin' My Heart, Darlin'

You’re Breakin’ My Heart, Darlin’

you're breakin my heart darlin_03-12-2008After I gave her the best years of my life…

My Gerry Girl went out and stepped all over my heart this week. It was bad enough that she said it, but she had to do it on John Gibson’s show on FOX News. She broke my damn heart and went all Hillary on me.

By her own admission Ferraro concedes, “I’m a lunatic about this stuff.”

And indeed, she was all over the map, tossing out race and gender cards like a Laughlin black jack dealer with a coke problem. “If Barack Obama were a white man, would we be having this discussion? If he were a woman of any color, would he be in this position?” She assailed Chris Dodd for his endorsement of Obama. “This is the boys sticking together.” But then there was Representative Rosa DeLauro, who isn’t a boy, who endorsed Obama only because they’re both black. But John Lewis, who is a boy, has switched his superdelegate vote to Obama, but was supporting Hillary when he was still black and a male and…wait, what? There isn’t going to be a test on this, is there?

She further assails Obama as “lucky” to be a black man (?). That strikes me as a little odd on a few counts. The only black men in the public eye I would call lucky would be Flavor Flav and Jaleel White. Most of the rest of have had a certain degree of talent and worked very hard to get where they are or have been at. Barack Obama is just lucky that he’s skating by on three years in the U.S. Senate, a decade as a community organizer in the south side of Chicago, several  years in the Illinois state legislature, and editor of the Harvard Law Review. I mean, I thought this country was supposed to be a meritrocracy. We’re just going to hand him the nomination on that thin reed of a resume?

And that’s the implication from Gerry—that we filled a quota by uplifting this well-intended but woefully-underexperienced boy from the projects and giving him a shot at the Presidency.  It took three days before she acknowledged that she herself was a token pick in 1984—she was a third-term Congresswoman from New York when Mondale tapped her to be his showcase VP pick in 1984.

She complains that she shouldn’t be lambasted as racist for saying what she believes everyone is thinking. That’s reverse-racisim to let Obama skate because we don’t want to question the validity of his candidacy and give him a pass just in case we ever have to face the wrath of an angry black electorate or have the NAACP picketing in front of our homes and throwing rotten fruit at our cars as we leave the driveway.

So she gets off the hook by playing the reverse racism card and claiming she should be exempt from having to answer for something that anyone else would get clobbered for saying.  I can understand the frustration of a number of women who felt that this was the year to elect a woman President, only to be “pushed aside” by a handsome, articulate, and charismatic man, who just happens to be African-American. But that’s not the only reason he’s capturing America’s attention, and he’s not beating Hillary because of his Y chromosome.

I don’t doubt that we’re ready for a woman President, and have been for some time. Israel had Golda Meir. Margaret Thatcher took the reins in Britain in 1979. Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. There was even a time up until a few weeks ago that I thought Hillary would make an outstanding President. She still might, but I loathe the way she’s trying to get there.

No, what we have happening here isn’t sexism or racial preference. It’s what the academians call “democracy”. You know, you listen to speeches and read position papers, and then you go out and vote. They count everything up at the end, and, as long as no one wants to get his Governor brother or the United States Supreme Court or your creepy, three-weeks-dead Morticia-looking Secretary of State involved, then the person with the most votes wins.

I don’t know if there was an official memo or if there’s something in the drinking water over at Clinton HQ that makes retards everyone’s sense of fair play. There’s a win-at-all-costs mentality that you rarely see on this side of the aisle. Granted, no one was better at strong-arming elections than old Dems Richard J. Daley and Joe Kennedy, but for the last few decades, it’s been the GOP who’ve been hooked on a-stealin’ and have consistently gone for the throat and worse.

It’s not just your daughter you wouldn’t trust around Bill Clinton. As able stewards as they were of the country in the 1990s, it was the rare soul who put himself in that most dangerous of positions: Standing between the Clintons and victory.

It’s Clinton Fever and Gerry’s caught it. She may not be a paid member of the campaign, but she’s shown enough loyalty and pluck to receive an official campaign lead pipe to take out on media kneecap duty.

(sigh). I know we’ve had our problems, Gerry, but don’t do this. It’s not too late. Just don’t do it, Gerry. Don’t take your love to town.