June 3, 2023

Game Face

Game Face

Game FaceVeepsBlog 2008 thanks you for your patience and understanding for this abbreviated version of VeepsBlog as Bill Kelter has been busy the past few days researching Veeps-related issues and completing the copious studying and analysis necessary to prepare for his first Veeps 2008-related radio interview. VeepsBlog 2008 will return Thursday evening with 1,500 hilarious, knee-slapping words on the Colombian free trade agreement.

It’s not easy doing the thankless work of democracy. I’ve been busy at this blog nearly daily for the last three-plus months trying to spread the unhearded gospel of the Vice Presidency. It’s a little dispiriting being a lonely voice in the wilderness touting the unheralded importance of America’s #2 elective office when everyone is so obsessed with who’s going to have their name first on the campaign button. It’s been a long and solemn road, but I may have finally started gaining some traction as I was offered an invitation to appear on a local Air America affiliate and discuss America’s undiscovered love affair with its Vice Presidents.

I came loaded for bear. I very much wanted to discuss Theodore Frelinghuysen’s choice of Silas Wright on the 1844 Whig ticket and how rumors of Charles Francis Adams’ sexual dalliances with his brother’s female slaves undermined Martin Van Buren’s 1848 Free Soil candidacy. I also had a saucy joke about Winfield Scott’s #2, William Graham. Unfortunately, I think my passions may have been a bit too heated for the 7:30 AM drive-time audience. They kept the focus on Wayne’s and my upcoming book instead (Veeps: Profiles In Insignificance, Top Shelf Publications, $19.95. ISBN 978-1-60309-003-2).

It was an enjoyable and rewarding visit, though, and I’d like to thank Carl Wolfson, Heidi Tauber, Paul Pimentel, Tom Hartman, and the good folks at Portland Air America affiliate 620 KPOJ AM for welcoming me on their broadcast this morning.

I would also like to extend my thanks and encouragement to my lead-in guest, Howard Zinn. He is a fresh and innovative thinker in the field of History and, with some maturity, shows great promise to distinguish himself in the world of American Academia. A number of my co-workers at my temporary office job are already familiar with his writings.