May 31, 2023

One For The Rhodes

One For The Rhodeswhore (noun) \hor, hur\ – 1. A woman who engages in sexual acts for money; a promiscuous or immoral woman; 2. A male who engages in sexual acts for money; 3. A venal or unscrupulous person.

Well, I know she hasn’t engaged in sexual acts for money–or, to give her the same benefit of the doubt she gave Barack Obama about being a Muslim, I haven’t seen anything to suggest that she has. She has one of the bigger dicks in Congress, but I don’t think she’s a secret hermaphrodite, and even if she is, I haven’t seen anything to suggest that she engages in really freaky sexual acts for money.

Randi probably should have issued a partial retraction. I’ve seen Hillary Clinton–she isn’t that big.

In the end she stuck to her guns, and good on her. Air America’s Randi Rhodes quit this week rather than apologize to Senator Hillary Clinton for calling her a “big fucking whore” at a non-broadcast San Francisco Air America event last week.

An unnamed source cheered Rhodes’ resignation to The Huffington Post. “Many people screw up and then apologize and move on. Like Imus. Like David Shuster. Like Jay Rockefeller on McCain. Like Obama on Rezko. Like Hillary on Bosnia. Randi Rhodes refused to apologize for her obscene comments and has chosen instead to terminate her relationship with Air America. No one is upset. She made the move but there’s relief and joy.”

Boo and hiss. Imus dissed young women who didn’t deserve it. David Shuster dissed Chelsea, who didn’t deserve it. Rockefeller should have apologized, because, like it or not, short of being incinerated by incoming missiles, McCain very nearly got as good as he gave with his five years in captivity. Obama shouldn’t have gotten himself dirty with Tony Rezko, but he apologized for a questionable real estate deal when Rezko was under investigative heat, and that was enough.

Hillary should have apologized for Bosnia, because it was a mind-blowing lie, which she explained away to sleep deprivation even though she repeated it something in the neighborhood of five times, but that isn’t why Randi called her a big fucking whore. Well, not only for that at least. This whole election has been about Hillary behaving badly, and there has been no accountability. I laughed about this when I first heard about it, but I sat on the fence for a few days while I decided if it was right or wrong.

It doesn’t matter. It was Randi Rhodes’ right to speak her mind and she did it. “She refused to apologize for her obscene comments.” Her comment was controversial, but Hillary Clinton’s behavior this year has been obscene bordering on snuff-film territory.

To wit: She hired as her chief campaign strategist Burson Marsteller CEO Mark Penn whose company has been the hired apologist for Romania’s Nicolai Ceaucescu, for Union Dynamics for the Bhopal tragedy, for the Saudi government for their connections to 9/11, for the owners of Three Mile Island, and has helped several corporations crush union organizing drives within their companies. This is the point man representing Hillary Clinton, friend of the American worker and citizen. When six railroad tankers of benzene get accidentally dumped in Chagrin Falls, Ohio’s drinking water supply during a Hillary Clinton administration, the man hired to rehabilitate the reputation of the corporate offender responsible will be the man who was hired to help get Hillary Clinton elected President.

She sat down for an editorial board meeting with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, whose publisher, Richard Mellon Scaife, devoted much of his money and most of the 1990s to destroying the Clintons. Clinton surrogate James Carville has called Scaife “the Godfather of the Right Wing Conspiracy” that Hillary spoke of with Matt Lauer eleven years ago. She claimed that the meeting was just another in her attempts to reach across the divide and make peace with the Clintons’ enemies, but she used her pulpit with the Tribune-Review to continue to raise the Reverend Jeremiah Wright issue to pummel Obama with. One of the Sunday pundits opined that this was akin to the lamb lying down with the lion. Not quite: It’s the lamb lying down with the lion and bringing lots of lamb chops.

She agreed with the rest of the Democratic field to support Howard Dean and the DNC’s moronic decision to not seat at the convention any delegates from any state that tried to move its primary up ahead of Super Tuesday, yet she was the only major Democratic candidate on the ballot in the Michigan and with Senator Obama in Florida. She said in October that “Michigan’s votes aren’t going to count” come primary time, but now is the aggrieved voice of the disenfranchised, threatening to instigate a credentials fight at the convention to seat Michigan’s delegates–who would, as it happens, go to her, since she was the only marquee Democrat not to honor her pledge to pull herself off the ballot.

She stands to gain a majority of Florida’s delegates if they’re seated as pledged. Obama should have pulled himself off the ballot there as well, but likely stayed on as a matter of self-preservation after seeing what Hillary did in Michigan. In any case, Hillary was the only one of the two making conspicuous appearances in Florida before the primary and getting photographs taken with palm trees behind her in visits that weren’t campaign stops but certainly appeared that way to the Florida Democrat voter who saw only two names on the Presidential ballot and only one of those making appearances in the state.

She’s talked of twisting the arms of committed Obama delegates, and added fuel to the Obama Muslim rumors, and played the sex and race cards to protest the fact that she’s losing this election.

Hillary’s been a horrible person throughout this campaign and bully for Randi Rhodes for calling her on it. Someone had to finally.

They had her over a barrel really. She was appearing at an event as “Air America’s Randi Rhodes”. They can ask whatever behavior they please in that circumstance. She can also speak her mind. And she did, and didn’t back down. Hillary Clinton is a big fucking whore and bully for Randi for saying it and not apologizing.