June 3, 2023

Viva La Resolution?

Viva La ResolutionNot bloody likely. No one’s going to be happy with today’s resolution of the Michigan and Florida issue by the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, and certainly not Hillary Clinton, who’s holding the gun to the head of one very beleagured-looking hostage right now. Whether she finally pulls the trigger and puts a bullet in the skull of the Democratic Party even before the fall elections start, or whether she has the negotiatior send out for Chinese food to buy her some more time, we can only wait and see, but the only thing anyone knows for sure is that what Hillary won’t do today is lay down her weapon and come out peacefully.

The Huffington Post reported this morning that the Committee has already reached a compromise on Florida, where the entire delegation will be seated with half a vote for each member, netting Hillary 19 delegates. No such luck on Michigan, where Carl Levin is reportedly holding out that Michigan spokesperson, Senator Carl Levin, is holding out for the seating of every delegate with full voting rights for each, and that he won’t back down unless Iowa and New Hampshire are stripped of their right of first refusal in nominating contests.

Nothing would make me happier than to sit around in my shorts and yesterday’s stubble and live-blog this penultimate donnybrook of the primary season, before Puerto Rico, Montana, and South Dakota round out the main (if flaccid) card this week upcoming, but gas is too expensive and I have to make the donuts.

2:17 PM EST:  The Florida deal seems all but done, despite Lanny Davis blowing out two or three vital organs in a tete-a-tete with DNC member Jon Ausman, lambasting the committee and the Obama campaign for its perceived arrogance in “generously” agreeing to let Hillary have half the delegates. “They could have given us 38 and they’d still win. I’m fucking angry.”

There is apparently a deal laid down for Michigan where the candidates who removed their names from the ballots would agree to let all uncommitted delegates go to Obama. How this differs from another proposal that the Clinton campaign has rejected out of hand—that the uncommitteds be automatically allotted to Obama—has me baffled, but I was never any good at math to begin with, and Clinton Math is like Chinese trigonometry. Apparently, Hillary gets more “fuck you” points if Obama gets the identical amount of delegates her way.

There was another proposal that had the delegates split 50-50, but it was fell three votes short. Since this was deemed unacceptable, the likely result will be 55-40 instead of 50-50. In the grand scheme of things, we’re fighting over crumbs here, and this shouldn’t mean a net difference of more than a handful or two of delegates. Still, that’s one or two anonymous delegates to you and me, but it’s pretty heady stuff to the vice mayor of Grand Rapids or the assessor of Clinton County.

7:48 PM EST: Harold Ickes isn’t happy about it–””I submit to you ladies and gentlemen, hijacking four delegates … is not a good way to start down the path of party unity.”–but it’s a done deal. However Ickes has offered the caveat that they “reserve the right” to take the fight to the Credentials Committee. Obama is now 66 delegates away from nomination.

Michigan and Florida will be seated with half-votes, with Hillary getting 69 delegates to Obama’s 59 in Michigan, and Florida will seat 105 for Senator Clinton and 67 for Barack. It’s all over but the shouting–and there will be much shouting to come. They’re shouting already, in fact. There are a lot of women who are very angry at Barack and the DNC right now, and they’re already threatening “Hillary or McCain in ’08″ or “NOBama ’08.”

This is a shorty tonight, as I have to channel my energy into a congratulatory several hours of revelry for a friend. I’ll return with updated highlights in the wee small hours tomorrow, when I dust myself off and return to the garret to toil in service to Election 2008.