June 3, 2023


No one’s perfect as the old saw goes and to our horror we’ve bobbled a few details along the way. Thanks to our smart and sharp-eyed readers for catching the items that either slipped past us or that we sloppily let in under the cacophony of conflicting resources. We regret the errors. – Bill & Wayne

  • Only 14 former Vice Presidents have become President, not 15. (p 210. BK note: “I noticed this one the day after we went to press, and it’s haunted me ever since.”)
  • The inspiration for Teddy Roosevelt’s “teddy bear” has been tabbed as a hunting excursion that TR took to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Though the Hotel Colorado still chooses to claim the legend as its own (and I can’t say I blame them), the hunting trip that inspired Brooklyn toy store owner Morris Michtom into creating TR’s namesake toy actually occurred in Onward, Mississippi in 1902.




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