September 29, 2023


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Bill has harbored a passion for the margins of American politics since watching on television the inaugural of the second, doomed Nixon-Agnew Administration when he was home sick . Later, spending afternoons on breaks from his paper route, reading the product, he learned that the most meaningful things you need to know about the American Executive Branch can be found on the back pages of our newspapers, between ads for Earl Scheib and Woolworth’s Semi-Annual White Sale. Retired from elective politics since the age of 19, Bill never misses an electoral season. Besides his own voluminous musings, he is the author of Veeps: Profiles In Insignificance, with friend and artist Wayne Shellabarger, and has contributed his observations on the American Vice Presidency to Politico and, among others.

Bill is a resident of Lake Oswego, Oregon, and a member of the Portland business community, where, unlike so many of his Vice Presidential heroes, he prefers to do his job quietly and without public fanfare.


Wayne’s illustrations have appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Plazm, The Stranger, The Rocket, and the Top Shelf Comics Anthology. His work has been exhibited in Seattle and Portland. I’m Totally Helpless, a book of his rock poster art, is available from Top Shelf Productions. He lives and works in San Francisco.


Mike Lay’s job is juggling. Not the kind you’d find on a county fairground, with a man in a bad suit tossing clubs, balls, machetes, and the occasional chainsaw in the air above him, but one who keeps budgets, crews, production schedules, and talent whirling overhead; always in complete control. That agility and mastery comes from more than 20 years of developing one’s craft. Mike produces award-winning commercial media for major agencies and international corporate clients, specializing in video production for global Internet, retail, and major events. Mike holds a master’s degree in broadcast media communications from Oregon State University and has been a freelance commercial producer and director for the past 8 years. VEEPS is Mike’s first feature length film as producer and director


Brett is the co-publisher of the graphic novel imprint Top Shelf Productions. In its 15 years the company has seen to fruition a plethora of award-winning projects by authors such as Alan Moore (From Hell), Craig Thompson (Blankets), and Jeffrey Brown (The Girlfriend Trilogy). Their books have garnered critical accolades from the likes of Time Magazine, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, the New Yorker, and the New York Times Book Review. He lives in Portland with his son and cat.

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Bill Kelter finds his book agent, Max Knott, on the Internet and meets him in the flesh in Knott’s cluttered walkup office in a Portland neighborhood with more than its fair share of prostitution, drug, and domestic abuse arrests. A self-proclaimed pioneer in the unknown field of “Method Agenting,” Max represents artists, actors, musicians, birthday clowns, writers (or “Literarists” as he calls them on his website), and more. His devotion to his clients is exceeded only by his willingness to represent anyone desperate enough to seek his representation.

John Killeen has been acting in theater and film for nearly thirty years. In autumn 2010, he played the lead in The 3rd Floor Theatrical Sketch Comedy Troupe’s original play Killing Time. He’s worked in such venues as Stark Raving Theater (The Adding Machine, Detective Story), Lakewood Theater (Three Musketeers, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, A Flea in Her Ear), NW Children’s Theater, and Oregon Children’s Theater (the world premiere of Small Steps), and spent many years at Portland’s Sylvia’s Dinner Theater, (See How They Run, The Rainmaker, Moon Over Buffalo, Wait Until Dark, The Perfect Fool, Lend Me A Tenor). John has produced and acted in a few short films, most notably Bullethead Joe, in 16mm black and white, shot by the late and great Dale La’Whon.

His most memorable film moment: Getting to arrest Martin Sheen as an undercover cop dressed as a clown in Hear No Evil.


No stranger to acting and comedic improvisation, Shelley Darcy is a professional actor playing the role of the divorced Bill’s newfound romantic interest, Stephi Tucker. With a well of issues and eccentricities as deep as Bill’s, Stephi very nearly matches Bill’s Vice Presidential obsession with her own passionate advocacy of female empowerment through her self-founded women’s support group, “Daughters With an Axe To Grind” (“DWATG”—pronounced, “Dwatga”).

Shelley has been studying and performing Improv Theater for over 20 years. Her training includes Second City, The Groundlings, Improv Olympic West and Upright Citizens Brigade. She can be seen on stage with Brainwaves Improv Comedy and as a frequent guest of the Brody Theater in Portland, Oregon.

Shelley employs her improvisational training offstage with On Your Feet a company that promotes the use of improvisation in the corporate world. She has worked with Nike, Intel, Mattel, Disney and GE sales forces worldwide. In 2009 she started Super Project Lab, a non-profit organization that uses Improv to teach life skills to at-risk populations.


Audiences will surely have a love-hate relationship with Bill’s co-worker, alleged friend, and palpably reptilian provocateur, Bill Lovejoy. This charming, honesty-challenged striver is portrayed by Bill Livesay, a former real life co-worker of star Kelter during Veeps gestation period, in a workplace all too reminiscent of the soulless, cubicle gulag, “Toddlerama,” where the two punch the clock in Veeps.

William Livesay currently resides in Portland, Oregon, while he pursues higher education both formal and informal. He lends his voiceover talent whenever solicited and creative input most often not solicited. Depending upon his reception by the American moviegoer, Mr. Livesay’s acting debut may also mark his retirement as a working thespian.


Tim Moxley plays Bill’s longtime therapist, Dr. Wilford Grümer. A poet in passion and practice, Mr. Moxley is able to introduce some of his own verse into the film during a pro forma interview about his relationship with Bill that deteriorates into an hours-long, alcohol-fueled peroration that even the most ethically casual psychiatric authority would concede violates a variety of doctor-patient confidentialities too numerous to count.

Co-Director Brett Warnock chose his longtime friend Tim for the role, simply because all Tim needed to sell his character was to solely be Tim.

Timothy Patrick Moxley is a poet, storyteller, naturalist and inventor. He earned a B.A. in English Literature from a University that shall remain nameless and sits on the Board of Directors of the Native Forest Council. He divides his time between New York and Oregon slaying corporate giants, writing children’s books and defending human rights. He authored a children’s book, Salad Days, with illustrations by Brett Warnock.


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A cinematographer of countless commercials and short films, Tyson is a sought after freelance Director of Photography. Based out of Portland, Oregon, his short films and broadcast spots have screened across the airwaves and festivals throughout the US.


When not at his mountain cabin chopping wood bare-chested, Dan Morris is an up-and-coming Director of Photography in Portland, Oregon. In plying his trade, Dan has worked on horseback in the Yukon and on numerous television series, with credits in feature documentaries and short films. When not behind the camera, Dan has become an accomplished craftsman, working in wood, metal and leather.


Composer Josh Pollock has performed music all over the world, in his own bands, and in collaboration with the likes of John Cale, Flea, the Japanese music collective Acid Mothers Temple, and European psych/rock stalwarts Gong, amongst others. He is a prolific recording artist, having written, released and/or played on over 20 records in the last 5 years, and an award winning theater composer. VEEPS is his first feature film score, which he chose to arrange entirely from the unlikely combination of banjo and Microkorg synthesizer.


Music recording and creative sound design has been Drew Canulette’s passion for the past 30 years. His ears and unique audio engineering talents have been a sought after by musicians and film and video producers worldwide. Drew manages and is the lead sound engineer for Dogfish Sound. He has piloted studio based and live recording projects with artists Nirvana, Soundgarden, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chick Corea, Steve Bartek and Danny Elfman, and several film scoring projects for the Seattle Symphony. Most recently Drew’s sound design and music composition skills can be heard in broadcast and corporate productions for clients such as Nike, Adidas, Intel, Xerox, Lowes and Netflix.


An editor who has worked in post production houses and media firms on both coasts Jimmy Chung is currently based out of Portland, Oregon with his wife and two kids. He received his Master’s degree from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and is a skilled Avid and Final Cut editor who primarily works with commercial and corporate marketing video projects.


A jack-of-all-trades filmmaker Dusty McCord does it all. When he’s not making his own short films or helping run Portland’s largest monthly film festival, Attack of the Flix, he’s developing and creating media for Nike. Dusty has a degree in media production from Evergreen University. Not only was Dusty one of VEEPS editors, he also provided additional camera support and animation work.


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